VOLUME 5   ISSUE 25   JUNE 24, 2016


By Bruce Jervis


The standard contract documents published by the American Institute of Architects gives an architect the duty to protect its project owner by rejecting nonconforming work. Yet, the AIA documents disclaim architect responsibility for the contractor’s work. This creates a dilemma. Read more.


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On Tuesday, the FAA unveiled its long awaited operational rules for routine commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or "drones").  To take effect by the end of August, the new regulations, known as Part 107, sets height and speed restrictions, operational limits, and safety and privacy guidelines. The most significant factor is removal of the requirement for a pilots license now required to obtain an FAA 333 Exemption.  Read more.


ConstructionPro Network unveiled today it's Drone Services and Equipment Directory for the construction, transportation, utility and real estate development industries.  The directory is intended to assist those looking for vendors and products specifically designed to serve these industries.  For service providers, customers can quickly find FAA333 exemption holders located in their state, and starting in August, for Part 107-certified firms as well.  Customers may further narrow their search for specific services, such as surveying, mapping (LIDAR, photogrammetry), FLIR/infrared capability, data collection for BIM, environmental monitoring, and, of course, aerial photography.  Read more.


As reported above, the FAA has issued its Part 107 rules for commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones. ConstructionPro Network has been tracking the progress of the FAA 333 exemptions since December 2014. It appears the pace of exemptions granted since our last post on April 27 has slowed down.  Read more.


The Oculus, site of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, celebrated its opening on May 26.  The $4B controversial project designed by Santiago Calatrava connects the New York-New Jersey PATH line with 9 subway lines. Read more.



Other resources to check out:

Walk though YouTube video by Minh Nguyen (10 minutes)

Architectural Record article and critique by Joann Gonchar, AIA.




From Previous Issues:
Volume: 5, Issue: 24 - 06/17/2016


By Bruce Jervis


Public works payment bond statutes require prime contractors to furnish payment bonds for the protection of parties that provide labor or materials to the project. For subcontractors and suppliers, which are unable to lien public property, these bonds are the only effective form of payment assurance. Read more.


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  • Tips for Managing and Sticking to Your Project’s Budget

  • UK Suffering from Worker Scarcity Too

  • Apple Spaceship Features 'Breathing' Concrete, Unique Glass Panels & More



Apple is making progress on its new spaceship campus, with project completion in 2017.  Here's the latest video, including the shots of the underground auditorium, parking garage and support buildings.    Read more...


Volume: 5, Issue: 23 - 06/10/2016


By Bruce Jervis


Project owners generally have a designated representative or agent looking out for their interests at the job site. The individual may be an employee of the owner or an outside professional. The titles vary, but the roles are similar. The owner’s rep monitors compliance with the contract requirements, handles administrative aspects of the contract and determines the validity of contractor payment applications. Read more.


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This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Working in the Summer Heat

  • Updated SBA Rules on Subcontracting Requirements in Government Contracting
  • Building a Better Construction Business

  • Rental Power for Construction Sites



Completed last November, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (massDOT) recently released a time-lapse video of the Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge project that connects Worcester and Shrewsbury.    Read more...


Volume: 5, Issue: 22 - 06/03/2016


By Bruce Jervis


Public works payment bonds are intended to guarantee compensation for parties that furnish labor or materials to public projects. But what is “the sum justly due” to an unpaid subcontractor or supplier? Is it the set contract price or can it include additional damages stipulated in the contract? Read More.


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That sums up the idea behind WikiHouse, an open-source construction system. According to architect and founder Alestair Parvin, the concept behind the approach is that 3D models can be downloaded from a freely shared library and adapted in SketchUp for users to create their own custom homes. Read more...


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Learning Safety Practices in Virtual Reality

  • Safety - OSHA Injury Calculator
  • 20-year Tunnel Projects




Another technology innovation that has a safety component is Komatsu's latest large dozer that has both remote control and integrated machine control. Because it can be operated remotely, the operator is removed from harm's way where the dozer needs to operate under risky conditions, according to Peter Robson, Komatsu's director of Intelligent Machine Controls.  Read more...


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