Volume: 6, Issue: 17 - 04/28/2017


Share ideas and meet new friends at the Project Management College of Scheduling (PMCOS) 2nd Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA – May 7-10. The conference will feature lectures and panel discussions on scheduling topics, including best practices, risk and claims.  Read more.

Volume: 6, Issue: 10 - 03/10/2017


Built in the cold and snow in the Russian town Stupino, Apis Cor 3D-printed its first house, a 409 square-foot concrete house in the middle of winter.  Read more.


Volume: 6, Issue: 8 - 02/24/2017


ConstructionPro Week has reported several articles on the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) to construction and building operations and maintenance. In a nutshell, an IoT device is a way of connecting sensors tied into building equipment, structural components and security devices to the cloud (Internet) for the purpose of measurement and/or control of the connected items. In simple terms, consider smart thermostats like the Nest, an alarm system, electric blinds, the garage door or even the refrigerator in your home. With your smartphone, you can be virtually connected to all these devices to see their current status and to make changes. For example, you can turn off your ice maker and put the thermostat on 78 degrees while you are on vacation for four weeks.


In addition, these sensors can have the capability of reporting on the operating conditions and upcoming maintenance requirements, or even just keeping track of the location of an item. On a bigger scale, sensors can play a significant role for all types of structures, from buildings to infrastructure, and not just after the building is complete. During construction, IoT can play a role in production, logistics, project controls and safety. Read more.

Volume: 6, Issue: 7 - 02/17/2017


A new stadium is featured in an animation video that shows disassembly of the existing stadium and construction of the new facility to serve as the home of the French Open starting in 2020. Read more.


Modernisation de Roland-Garros by FFT

Volume: 5, Issue: 47 - 12/09/2016


While actually using 3D printed elements for structural components or to be incorporated into a structure is still in the development stage, Balfour Beatty has been producing models for use as a visualization and communication tool.


Volume: 5, Issue: 45 - 11/18/2016


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • 3 Waves Approach to Improved Construction Productivity

  • Trump Triumph is Awesome for Green Building

  • Analyzing Nontraditional HVAC Systems

  • Tips for Home Builders


Volume: 5, Issue: 44 - 11/11/2016


On October 19 the BIMForum released the 2016 version of its Level of Development (LOD) Specification.  It can be downloaded free of charge from www.BIMForum.org/LOD


The LOD Spec is a language that describes where a model element is on the path from vague concept to fully specified.  This language enables concise definition, at the individual element level, of complex BIMs, providing for clear specification of models for milestones, information exchanges, deliverables and the like.  Read more.

Volume: 5, Issue: 32 - 08/19/2016


Augmented reality (AR) is the topic of two of our blog posts this week, so let's go to the video for a demonstration of an AR application in use.  While this is a sales pitch for a particular product it does provide an idea of how AR may be put to use. Read more.


For more information and the source of the video, read the article by Mike Lander's at the Bluebeam website here.

Volume: 5, Issue: 22 - 06/03/2016


That sums up the idea behind WikiHouse, an open-source construction system. According to architect and founder Alestair Parvin, the concept behind the approach is that 3D models can be downloaded from a freely shared library and adapted in SketchUp for users to create their own custom homes. Read more...

Volume: 5, Issue: 13 - 04/01/2016


Have you encountered or used building information modeling (BIM) on any of your projects? Have you considered its use but backed off? Are you interested in BIM but don't know where to begin?


BIM seems to be highly regarded by those who have made the transition. Owners cite facility management benefits in addition to lower costs. Contractors are finding benefits in improved coordination and scheduling with less claims and change orders. Architects and engineers find BIM allows projects to be completed faster while making it easier to make design changes. But BIM may not be suited for all projects, or all construction professionals. We here at ConstructionPro Network are interested in your feedback, no matter where you are on the BIM scale. Please take a few minutes to complete our second annual BIM Experience survey.




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