Volume: 6, Issue: 11 - 03/17/2017


The Seattle DOT released a 5-minute 360-degree video of the SR99 viaduct replacement project that features the Big Bertha tunneling machine, covered here in ConstructionPro Week several times in the past few years. Read more.


Volume: 6, Issue: 10 - 03/10/2017


Built in the cold and snow in the Russian town Stupino, Apis Cor 3D-printed its first house, a 409 square-foot concrete house in the middle of winter.  Read more.


Volume: 6, Issue: 9 - 03/03/2017


Completed in 1968, the Oroville Dam, which made recent news about California flooding, is the tallest dam in the U.S. and impounds the second largest man-made lake – Lake Oroville. We uncovered a documentary video of the seven-year project produced and directed by Mark S. Lambert. Read more.


Volume: 6, Issue: 8 - 02/24/2017


In this century, major earthquakes in the United States have damaged or destroyed numerous buildings, bridges and other structures. No wonder our engineers work hard to develop seismic-proof designs. Seismic proof means that a structure will withstand shaking and other motions. Watch how one such structure design is being tested.


Volume: 6, Issue: 7 - 02/17/2017


A new stadium is featured in an animation video that shows disassembly of the existing stadium and construction of the new facility to serve as the home of the French Open starting in 2020. Read more.


Modernisation de Roland-Garros by FFT

Volume: 6, Issue: 6 - 02/10/2017


This clever contractor uses a Bobcat with breaker attachment to not only cut up a concrete slab, but with no additional special tools, pick up the slab pieces and load them in a special dump truck.  This sure beats the old days of a worker with a jackhammer cutting the slab by hand, later breaking it up into smaller pieces, and then using a loader to move the broken pieces.  Read more.



Volume: 6, Issue: 5 - 02/03/2017


The Apple Campus 2, a.k.a., the Spaceship, is scheduled for completion first quarter of 2017.  That's a tough call, but it has certainly come a long way.  Here are two progress videos as of the end of January. Read more.



Volume: 6, Issue: 4 - 01/27/2017


Everyone needs a challenge. So there has been a wave of events to show off some excavator operation skills. The events took place in different countries including one in Canada last August. Take a look at impressive things these operators can do.


Volume: 6, Issue: 3 - 01/20/2017


We recently uncovered this time-lapse video of the Port of Miami Tunnel (POMT), featuring the use of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) to excavate both tubes.  The video shows the holing through and dismantling of the equipment.  Read more. 


Volume: 6, Issue: 2 - 01/13/2017


Major construction is complete on NASA’s largest new Space Launch System structural test stand, and engineers are now installing equipment needed to test the rocket’s biggest fuel tank.


The 221-foot tall structure, started in May 2014, is critical for ensuring SLS’s liquid hydrogen tank can withstand the extreme forces of launch and ascent on its first flight, and later on the second flight, which will carry up to four astronauts in the Orion spacecraft on a journey around the moon, into the deep-space proving ground for the technology needed for the journey to Mars. Read more.






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