Volume: 6, Issue: 25 - 06/23/2017


The 821 foot city skyline consists of 145 residential condos that were designed to look like individual homes stacked on top of each other, giving the building its “Jenga-like qualities.” See time-lapse video of construction progress from 2012 to late 2016. 



Volume: 6, Issue: 24 - 06/16/2017


A recent Construction Junkie blog posting reported that a bomb from World War II was found at a construction project in Birmingham, West Minster. While bombs have been found buried at other sites, this bomb had to be detonated. Watch this video.



Volume: 6, Issue: 23 - 06/09/2017


 In a recent blog entry in Construction Junkie, Shane Hedmond reported on an accident at a mixed-use building in Oakland, California where about 20 construction workers fell 10 to 15 feet while placing concrete on the second floor. Read more


Volume: 6, Issue: 22 - 06/02/2017


A Baltimore rowhouse had developed a large crack and city inspectors determined that the building was unstable and an emergency demolition was ordered. During the demolition, the adjacent rowhouse which was occupied as a Laundromat, was mistakenly destroyed as a section of brick fell over the neighboring property. Please click here to watch the video.


Volume: 6, Issue: 21 - 05/26/2017


Tower cranes are a common fixture at any major construction site. They're pretty hard to miss -- they often rise hundreds of feet into the air, and can reach out just as far. Read more.


Volume: 6, Issue: 20 - 05/19/2017


Atlanta’s traffic is always problematic, but consider how much worse it was when a bridge of a major highway recently caught fire which forced 243,000 people to find alternate routes for several months. Read more




Volume: 6, Issue: 19 - 05/12/2017


The Salesforce Tower, near completion, rises 61 stories over the city’s Financial District, making it the tallest building west of Chicago that’s capable of being occupied. Click to learn more


Volume: 6, Issue: 18 - 05/05/2017


MIT Media Lab introduces a new digital construction platform (DCP) that is a “robot arm that uses additive construction techniques to build large structures safely and quickly. Read more


Volume: 6, Issue: 17 - 04/28/2017


A ground breaking took place this week for the new luxury hotel that will go up at the Johnson Controls Pro Football Hall of Fame Village in Canton, OH. The 243-room, 345,000-square-foot hotel is scheduled to open in 2019. Read more.



Volume: 6, Issue: 16 - 04/21/2017


Claimed to be the largest private development in the U.S. - $20 Billion - and creating 23,000 construction jobs, the Hudson Yards project in New York City is well under way.  Check out this timelapse and other videos of the project.  Read more





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