VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 3   MAY 14, 2009


The federal government’s economic stimulus plan will soon unleash a flurry of publicly funded construction projects. Some contracts will be awarded directly by the federal government, but the majority will be awarded by state and local entities. The one thing these projects have in common is that the contracts will be awarded through the competitive procurement process. Therefore, it’s a good time to review the fundamentals of sound bidding. These are concerns that should be addressed 


A $20 million package of retrofits will make New York City's Empire State Building stand as a landmark for sustainability. Building upgrades are to include chillers, controls, ventilation and glazing and are designed to decrease energy use and carbon footprint while increasing occupant comfort. The project team includes Johnson Controls (JCI), Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), and Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). The energy savings should amount to $4.4 million per year and reduce energy use by 40 percent. The Empire State Building will serve as a test case and model for  





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