VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 6   JUNE 05, 2009


The use of standard, preprinted contract forms offers a convenience. The agreement is comprehensive and addresses the essential issues that might arise on a construction project. If the agreement is an industry standard, such as the AIA contract documents, it has been widely interpreted by the courts. There should be few surprises.


Problems arise, however, when parties misuse preprinted contract forms. A recent example involved the AIA contract documents where the project architect is assigned numerous administrative responsibilities under the contract. This includes an initial decision on claims or disputes – a prerequisite to arbitration. When no project architect is designated or hired, how is the contract to be read? Is the arbitration clause enforceable?


Nearly 17 cents of every dollar in the $787 billion 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus package will be spent on construction. And, with the ever-increasing awareness of sustainability, as well as the General Services Administration's recent requirement that all new government buildings (and renovations) meet LEED certification standards, much of that $131 billion in stimulus construction will include green building projects.

WPL Publishing and Green Building Insider are pleased to present Green Building Best Practices 2009, a four-part webinar series that provides an up-to-date view on today's important green building issues. The series, which begins June 17 (click here to register), will include lively discussions on the new LEED 2009 certification changes and processes, LEED drivers from stimulus projects and existing building


The Department of Energy announced Monday that $256 million from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will go towards energy efficiency improvements in industrial sectors all across the nation.

"Supporting the development of the latest industrial technologies plays an important role in helping U.S. industry to lead the world in energy efficiency and productivity," said DOE Secretary Steven Chu. "Working together with American manufacturing and IT industries, we will be able to create new jobs, reduce industrial energy use and limit damaging greenhouse gas emissions."

In April, Pike Research, a global clean technology market research and consulting firm, published its study "Energy Efficiency Retrofits for Commercial and Public Buildings." According to this report, the total opportunity for major green renovations in the commercial building market, both public and





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