VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 8   JUNE 17, 2009


Commentary from Bruce Jervis, Esq.

Editor, Construction Claims Advisor

Construction contracts frequently call for the owner’s approval of materials prior to incorporation into the project. Samples must be tested to establish conformance to the specifications. This raises two issues. Are there objective standards by which to measure compliance? And in the event of noncompliance, what are the procedures for bringing the materials into conformance with the specifications?

Repeated test failures can strain the patience of project owners. This was seen in a recent case where an asphalt mix failed four successive tests. The owner’s engineer ordered the highway contractor to shut down its batching plant and redesign the mix. But was this procedure authorized under the terms of the contract?


When the European Parliament ratified the E.U. Economic Recovery Plan on May 6, €3.98 billion of the Plan's total €5 billion funding was earmarked for energy projects, including €565 million for offshore wind energy projects. Additional funding directed at interconnecting the continent's power grids is expected to give additional speed to development of wind development.

"By including offshore wind and electricity grids in the Plan, E.U. decision makers have chosen the right areas to make a difference long term," said Christian Kjaer, chief executive of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). "The European Parliament's approval of the Plan should give a real boost to the burgeoning offshore wind sector."


Howard Ashcraft and Patrick O'Connor presented "Integrated Project Delivery Contracts, Scope, Risk and Reward" in the fifth and final webinar in WPL Publishing's BIM Roadmap 2009 webinar series. Both are contributing authors to the AIA 2007 version 1 of the Integrated Project Delivery: A Guide, and are considered experts on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).


Their presentation and discussion was comprehensive and easy to follow. It was right on the target for an audience of design and construction professionals. This is important for a complicated new topic such as IPD. Ashcraft and O'Connor began first with a clear definition of Integrated Project Delivery and its role in projects using Building Information Model (BIM).





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