VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 9   JUNE 25, 2009


Just as a contractor purchases insurance to protect itself, a contractor must insist that the parties down the contractual chain maintain appropriate insurance coverage. This protects the contractor with regard to potential liability to the project owner, as well as, possible responsibility for injuries to employees of subcontractors.

The only way to assure that coverage is in place is to obtain a certificate of insurance. In a recent case, a prime contractor received a certificate of workers’ compensation insurance from a subcontractor. The certificate form was incomplete. There was a job site injury to an employee of the subcontractor. The sub had no comp coverage. The prime contractor argued that its reliance on the


The LEED rating system now offers up to four bonus points if a project meets prescribed environmental benchmarks for its geographical locale. For years, Bruce S. Fowle, FAIA and senior principal at FX FOWLE in New York City, recommended that the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) add regionalization as a weighted part of its LEED rating system. “Roof-mounted photovoltaics (PVs) in New York City are not as meaningful an energy saving feature as they are in the desert. Likewise, conserving water in Nevada is much more important than in other lush areas of the country,” Fowle said. This is not to say that PVs or water-saving devices should only be used in certain regions, he points out. Rather, both LEED and Fowle recognize that projects should reflect the unique environmental needs of its climate and population locale.


On the same day that the Boston Globe published an article on the benefits of "Building Image  Modeling," subscribers in the know listened to the third iteration of WPL Publishing's BIM Roadmap 2009 Series:  Multiple Models, Multiple Players: The Model Exchange Challenge. The dichotomy between the well-intentioned (but incorrect) article is germane because the first few years of BIM implementation focused on improved visualization. Now, in 2009, dubbed the "Year of the Contractor" by McGraw-Hill's SmartMarket BIM Report, BIM has moved beyond improved visuals from design offices






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