VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 12   JULY 16, 2009


 A bilateral contract modification typically includes waiver and release language. The contractor acknowledges it is being compensated in full for the contract changes and releases the right to seek further compensation. If the contractor intends to reserve any claim and except that claim from the release, it must expressly so state. But what if that claim has not yet even arisen at the time of the contract modification?


Sears Tower has announced modernization plans to create unparalleled energy savings, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promote economic development in Chicago's West Loop by creating more than 3,600 jobs.

A green building retrofit isn't the only change in store for the skyscraper, which opened its doors in 1973. The building is also getting a new name, the Willis Tower. London-based Willis Group Holdings has purchased the naming rights to the building, much like corporations do for sports arenas and stadiums.


 The person who prepares daily construction reports undertakes the following roles:

  • Communicator
  • Factual documenter
  • Recorder of events and facts
  • Project contemporary (historian)                         

A contemporary is the recorder of contemporaneous documentation. Literally, this means that little or no time has passed to dilute or intertwine the items being recorded, thus making this documentation pure and strong.

The further away from the events, the more tainted the records become by one’s experiences andfeelings.  Facts stay facts.





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