VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 15   AUGUST 05, 2009


Contractors purchasing materials or equipment for a project encounter the “standard,” pre-printed purchase order or sales agreement forms of the supplier. These forms contain language, authorized by the Uniform Commercial Code, which limits the supplier’s liability and disclaims much to the responsibility for the supplier’s product. Yet that product may very well have been specified by the project owner.



In the familiar children's story The Three Little Pigs, the smart pig was the one who built his house of bricks. The foolish pig built his house of sticks. The lazy and stupid pig built his house of straw.  As it turns out -- assuming a home is more than just a fortress against attacking wolves -- straw may be the most intelligent choice after all.  Straw bale construction is an increasingly popular way of making homes cheaper, more energy efficient, safer and more sustainable in the consumption of building materials.


Turner Construction Company has been recognized as the leading contractor in the adoption of BIM technology in Building Design & Construction's 2009 Giants 300 rankings. Through Turner's commitment to integrating technology into the delivery of its pre-construction and construction services, the company's portfolio of projects utilizing BIM represents more than $20 billion of construction on 100 projects.





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