VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 26   OCTOBER 22, 2009


On a complex construction project involving millions of dollars of work, it is not reasonable to expect the constructor to finance the effort to completion. Consequently, construction contracts typically call for the project owner to make periodic progress payments to the contractor. The manner in which these payments are calculated or structured is a matter of contractual consent between the parties.


What typically happens when a novice starts down the ski slope without taking skiing lessons? I have seen what can happen and it isn't pretty. In like manner, if one begins the journey towards LEED certification without a map of instructions, the path will undoubtedly be arduous and will likely lead to somewhere other than the LEED plaque -- the Holy Grail of green building certifications. (Every LEED-certified building is given an official plaque listing the building's level of certification.)


The American Concrete Institute (ACI) announced the formation of a new technical committee on building information modeling (BIM) of concrete structures.
BIM allows project designers to create a digital model that represents a building or structure to ensure proper interface among building systems and materials before construction begins. ACI believes BIM's main advantage lies is that the digital model is "data-rich and intelligent, not merely lines representing





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