VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 27   OCTOBER 29, 2009


Contract drawings do not depict every detail of every component of a construction project. Some aspects of the work are fleshed out in drawing details. Other details, however, are left unaddressed in the contract. The contractor is required to propose this detailing through the submittal of shop drawings, usually prepared by subcontractors and fabricators.


The great irony of building green is that the very concepts that are intended to enhance a building's performance over its entire lifetime are many of the same things that make a building highly susceptible to moisture and mold problems during its first few years of operation. While green buildings have many positive benefits, there is also strong evidence to suggest a direct correlation between new products/innovative design and building failures. Simply put, departing from the "tried and true" often means increasing the risk of building failure.


There could be several improvements in store for OpenStudio, a software tool that architects can use to design healthier structures with fewer carbon emissions and lower utility bills, but it is uncertain when the enhancements may be made, Nicholas Long, a research engineer for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), told CPC/BIM.





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