VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 28   NOVEMBER 04, 2009


The competitive bidding process is extremely structured. This is intended to produce the lowest price for the public by preventing fraud and favoritism. It is also designed to provide competing bidders with a fair, level playing field. Sometimes these goals work at cross purposes.


Building information modeling (BIM) is proving to be a worthwhile investment, according to recent research conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction.


Approximately two in every three respondents to a recent McGraw-Hill survey reported gaining a positive return on investment (ROI) in their BIM investments. About 87 percent of "expert users" participating in the survey indicated that they experienced a positive ROI from their BIM investments. About 20 percent of BIM users who measure ROI reported returns exceeding 50 percent. Offering new services with BIM was considered the top-rated business benefit of BIM among roughly half of the survey respondents.


Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), a provider of integrated performance analysis software and consulting services for sustainable building design, has added climate exploration, water reviews, low zero carbon technology consideration and analysis for certain LEED credits to its VE-Toolkits. The updated VE-Toolkit enables architects and master planners to choose from sets of typical properties and provides users with more detailed, highly visual and rich-text reporting. With these new features, IES offers rapid feedback on LEED and sustainability analysis to improve architects' overall productivity from the earliest stage of the design process.





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