VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 35   DECEMBER 24, 2009


Under the terms of virtually every construction contract ever drafted, the contractor’s acceptance of final payment operates as a waiver and release of any existing claims. A Texas contractor recently tried to have it both ways. The contractor submitted an invoice for the contract balance. But, the transmittal letter said the contractor reserved its rights under an existing, unresolved differing site condition claim.


The market for green building materials in China has surpassed RMB 100 billion (US $15 billion) and is expected to continue growing, according to a study that GCiS China Strategic Research recently conducted.  Growth is expected to remain in double digits for much of the next decade as the torrent of construction spreads to China's interior. Greener building standards and rising energy costs are the market's primary propellants, GCiS stated.


Steel Projects, a French company specializing in integrated steel fabrication systems, has developed an interface between Tekla Structures BIM (building information modeling) software, WinSTEEL and WinSER PLM (product lifecycle management) software, and Ficep's steel fabrication machinery. The new interface supports the overall BIM workflow. "Since the management of project-related information is very challenging, the functionality to





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