VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 50   APRIL 08, 2010


Many milestones in a construction project are established or acknowledged through certification by a third party designated by the project owner. This individual, stipulated in the construction contract, is typically the project architect or engineer. It may be a different owner’s representative. But the operative word is owner’s representative.


The denial of certification or a delay in certification can be very costly for a contractor. The contractor, however, has very little influence over or leverage with the certifier. The certifier is the agent of the owner with a duty to protect the owner’s interests. The certifier has few obligations to the contractor, possibly just the obligation to avoid bad faith or fraud.


The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and Building Systems Design Inc. (BSD) recently announced that the latest update to the BSD SpecLink automated specification writing software includes hundreds of hyperlinks connecting individual specification sections with relevant "green" product information in CSI's GreenFormat web-based database.


Morton Grove, Ill.-based ITT Bell & Gossett earlier this month announced a new online library of 3D BIM content files in Autodesk Revit 2010. A total of 113 Revit families and 5,252 types have been created for the following HVAC product lines: Pumps -- VSX Series 1510, 1531, 80, 80-SC, 60, and 90; Pump Accessories -- suction diffusers and triple-duty valves; Engineered Specialies -- Rolairtrols and B&D expansion tanks; and U-Tube heat exchangers.





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