VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 51   APRIL 15, 2010


Construction contracts are rife with requirements that the contractor provide the owner or owner’s representative with written notice of occurrences: delay, changed work, unforeseen site conditions, anything that can lead to a contractor's claim for relief under the contract. The issue which arises time after time is whether the contractor’s failure to provide timely written notice deprives the contractor of a remedy.


The Concrete Joint Sustainability Initiative (Concrete JSI) recently unveiled its 2010 goals and initiatives to align sustainable development activities within the concrete industry.


Formed last year, Concrete JSI is a group of 26 concrete associations dedicated to promoting the sustainable attributes of concrete as a building material. Initially chartered by the American Concrete Institute, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, and the Portland Cement Association (PCA), the group was formed to align advocacy, technology, and educational resources related to concrete sustainability.  



Lennox Industries Inc. recently announced the availability of BIM objects for the Energence and Landmark rooftop product lines.  "Designers can now easily integrate Energence and Landmark rooftop units from us into their digital plans using BIM objects downloaded from www.LennoxCommercial.com," according to the company.


The 3D REVIT models include complete product parameters and unit performance information on three- to 50-ton Energence rooftop units and two- to 25-ton Landmark rooftop units. The Revit families also provide cooling and heating capacities, electrical loads, and the size and location of electrical, gas, duct, and condensate connections.






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