VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 52   APRIL 22, 2010


It is standard for a contractor to warrant that its completed work is free from defects and complies with the contract documents. This warranty does not provide the project owner with indefinite protection, however. State law imposes statutory limitation periods on warranty claims. But do these limitation periods start to run when the owner first discovers defective work? Or is the period triggered only by the contractor’s breach of the warranty obligation?


The Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) have joined forces to facilitate the "timely development" of industry standards. Under a recent agreement approved by the boards of directors of both organizations, IESO has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of IAQA. Both organizations retain their non-profit 501(c)(6) status and independent boards.


Applied Software, which provides BIM solutions, earlier this month announced that it has joined the FM:Systems Business Partner Program. FM:Systems is a player in the integrated workplace management systems and computer-aided facility management software market.


Applied Software partnered with FM:Systems in order to provide building owners and operators with full lifecycle building solutions, from building concept through design and construction to building management. FM:Systems provides a link between the design and construction community and operations. Applied Software selected FM:Systems due to its configurability, ease of use, and integration with Autodesk products. 





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