VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 53   APRIL 29, 2010


While construction contracts usually require the contractor to provide prompt notice of an occurrence giving rise to a claim, the actual adjudication of the claim – the determination of owner responsibility and the recovery of costs – is another matter. Contracts frequently mandate an attenuated process of nonbinding mediation and other administrative procedures. A final decision on the merits of the claim may be years away.


The research and advisory firm Cleantech Group has released a comprehensive analysis of energy efficiency innovations in commercial office buildings. The report, "As Energy Efficiency Booms, Buildings Get a Brain," was produced through research and interviews with corporations, investors, early stage ventures, and industry influencers.

"Our analysis shows that energy efficiency is poised to overtake solar as a top investment category in 2010, and commercial buildings represent a prime target," Cleantech President Sheeraz Haji said. "Lower investment costs, financial incentives, and faster payback periods are fueling product competition as data-driven technologies battle over the building's brain."


CertainTeed Gypsum recently announced the introduction of building information modeling (BIM) objects for building, design, and construction professionals' use in project design, specification, and scheduling.


The objects are available through Reed Construction Data's SmartBIM Library and include details and systems incorporating the following: GlasRoc Sheathing and Tile Backer; ProRoc Gypsum Board; and ProRoc Moisture and Mold Resistant Gypsum Board with M2Tech. Providing Autodesk Revit users with access to manufacturer-specific systems in context makes it easier for design professionals to streamline project specification and workflow.






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