VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 62   JULY 02, 2010


A fit is well established that when a project owner issues a directive the contractor must comply, even if the contractor considers the directive an expansion or change in the scope of work. The contractor cannot stop work and insist on negotiating a price adjustment. The contractor must rely on the contractual dispute resolution procedures to seek eventual compensation. Some contract documents, however, take advantage of the contractor’s lack of leverage and skew the process in the owner’s favor.


GreenGuard Environmental Institute (GEI) has debuted overseas operations in Beijing, China, serving the Asia-Pacific market with opportunities to certify products for their indoor environmental qualities. GEI considers this a "major move toward global expansion."


Asserting that it is "on solid ground," the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) earlier this month reported that its growth rate held steady last year at 13 percent.


"Now more than ever, construction and program managers are seeking to leverage the knowledge and professionalism of their teams," CMAA President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce D'Agostino said. "These teams benefit greatly from our career development offerings, in particular the Certified Construction Manager credential."





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