VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 64   JULY 16, 2010


Subcontractor “pass-through” claims, sponsored by a prime contractor against a public project owner, are both useful and controversial. A pass-through claim results from a claim liquidation agreement between the prime and the sub. The prime agrees to pursue the project owner, at the prime’s expense, for the subcontractor’s increased costs. The prime will pass through the recovery, if any, to the sub. In return, the sub agrees to accept only what the prime is able to recover from the owner and otherwise hold the owner harmless.


Before developing a strategy for managing change in construction projects, it is imperative to understand why change occurs, Bruce Hallock, vice president of Marsh Risk Consulting, told attendees of a webinar that CPC/BIM sponsored June 22.


There are six primary causes of change in construction, Hallock said during the webinar, entitled "Change Management: Managing Change vs. Administering the Change Order Process." Such causes include the following: differing site conditions; design revisions; errors and omissions; performance errors; market conditions; and conscious decisions.


Several entities recently announced developments involving green building programs and building information modeling (BIM) technology. Such entities include Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd. (IES), GreenWizard Inc., InPro Corp., and the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA).


IES, a provider of integrated performance analysis software and consulting services for sustainable building design, June 22 released version 6.1 of its software suite, called "V6.1 of the IES Virtual Environment (VE) suite."





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