VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 65   JULY 23, 2010


The concept of “superior knowledge” or “superior information” is unique to construction contracting. Contract law in general holds a party responsible for intentionally withholding significant information in order to mislead the other party. This is usually characterized as “fraudulent misrepresentation” or “fraudulent inducement.”  With construction contracting, a project owner may be liable to a contractor for failing to disclose significant information even though the nondisclosure was not intentional or fraudulent.


The City of Las Vegas has selected Hara, a provider of environmental and energy management software, to consolidate the city's energy and natural resource emissions data into a comprehensive environmental system of record and to track, manage, and optimize critical sustainability initiatives.


Baltimore-based Avatech Solutions Inc.'s professional services group is working with the Building Technologies Division of Siemens Industry Inc. in designing building information modeling content and developing a building product model publishing strategy.





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