VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 66   JULY 29, 2010


Change order limitations are sometimes imposed on public works contracts by statute, regulation or the contract itself. The underlying policy is to protect the project budget and the integrity of the public procurement process by limiting the expansion of the contractual scope of work. A limitation typically states that if the estimated cost of a change order exceeds a certain percentage of the original contract price, the additional work must be put out to bid.


The World Green Building Council (World GBC) earlier this month reported that a GBC representing France "is being constituted gradually."


Among the organizations putting the France GBC together are Effinergie Association, HQE Association, Qualitel Association, Resobat Association, CSTB, Afnor Group, and the French Insitute for Energy Performance in Buildings. France Green Building Council is also supported by "Plan Batîment Grenelle," the national French state task force for greening the building industry.


QA Graphics has expanded its capabilities to provide building information modeling (BIM) design for building product manufacturers.


QA Graphics provides various graphic outsourcing solutions for the building industry, including the creation of 3D models and animations for manufacturers' building products, designing control system graphics, and the development of energy education dashboards to provide education about a building's sustainable features. The company has worked with several manufacturers to provide 3D design and animation services to represent their heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment.





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