VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 69   AUGUST 19, 2010


Liquidated damages come in many forms. With construction contracts, one thinks of a daily assessment against the contractor for late completion of the project. But any time actual damages will be difficult to measure precisely and the parties estimate those damages, at the time of contract formation, the resulting stipulated amount will be enforceable.


3D Engineering Solutions has added new long-range 3D scanning services to its arsenal of laser-based portable CMMs, providing new 3D data collection, building information modeling (BIM), and facility-mapping services for their customers.


3D Engineering, a Cincinnati-based engineering services company, expanded its capabilities to broaden its range of metrology services to include the latest Laser Tracker and Long Range 3D Laser Scanning technology for 3D data collection in aerospace, nuclear, automotive, and industrial markets. These new long-range capabilities complement 3D Engineering's seven-axis portable CMM's with Laser Line Probes, 3D data collection, CAD modeling, and reverse engineering services, allowing an integrated approach for meeting customer needs.


It pays to plan for green construction as early in a project as possible, attorney Bryan Jackson told attendees during a recent Green Construction Contracts virtual event.  "In my studies, I've [found] that if you make changes [to incorporate green features] early on, it's at a very low cost with a very high level or ability to make change," Jackson said. "As you go further out into the construction design and construction process, it becomes harder to make change, and [it becomes] more costly. So, the time to green your project is at the very get go, at the inception of design rather than later as it starts to cost you more and you have less ability to make change. 





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