VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 70   AUGUST 27, 2010


Construction projects typically involve many parties and multiple tiers of contractual relationships. It is a stark reality that the farther down one is on the contractual chain, the greater the payment risk. Subcontractors and suppliers sometimes look up the chain to seek assurance of payment. Project owners and general contractors, for a variety of practical reasons, sometimes extend this assurance.


The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has publishedGreening Our Schools: A State Legislator's Guide to Best Policy Practices, debuting it earlier this month at the National Conference of State Legislatures' annual Legislative Summit.


The guide is intended to serve as a first-of-its-kind toolkit for green schools, a comprehensive guide for state lawmakers "who are developing policy solutions that improve the health, productivity, efficiency, and fiscal responsibility of schools in their state," USGBC stated. The toolkit is a product of USGBCs 50 for 50 Green Schools Caucus Initiative and is sponsored by the Turner Foundation.


Archibus, a developer worldwide of real estate, infrastructure, facilities and environmental management software, announces that it is compliant with Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate's (OSCRE) Space Classifications (SPCL V1.0) criteria as well as with Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) standards.


Working with these two organizations will allow Archibus to help establish common data exchange standards for real property and facilities management data that improves administrative and operational efficiency, particularly in the federal government sector.


It's official. Over the past two or three years, rumors have proffered the cessation of sales and/or support of Primavera P3 (Primavera Project Planner) and SureTrak; indeed, there have even been published dates, such as on Oracle's GSA schedule available on the Internet. Each year the rumors prove false or Oracle/Primavera has moved the published date back. This time, it appears to be official -- our sources at Oracle have confirmed Primavera P3 and SureTrak will no longer be sold after December 31, 2010. "Sustaining" support for P3 and SureTrak will continue indefinitely.





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