VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 84   DECEMBER 03, 2010


Construction contracts sometimes call for an incentive bonus for early completion. This is most common on public transportation projects, but the clauses can also be found in private contracts, particularly those affecting utility or industrial production. The opportunity to earn a bonus is attractive to contractors, but it comes with a risk. The contractor may not be able to achieve early completion due to factors beyond its control. And the incentive bonus is usually accompanied by a disincentive penalty for failing to meet the stipulated date.


A plurality of national green building council representatives responding to a WPL Publishing survey believe that attending conferences is the best way for them to learn about developments in the green building community abroad. In information being made available only to Construction Advisor Today's readers, 42.2 percent of surveyed representatives from member councils of the World Green Building Council (WGBC) believe that international conferences are a better option than other methods for exchanging such information, such as industry trade group publications, which only 13.3 percent of respondents indicated as the best option.


James Zack, director of the Navigant Institute for Construction Dispute Avoidance and Resolution (a division of Navigant Consulting Inc.), has provided the following review of a book entitled, The Oil and Gas Engineering Guide.
This is a remarkably readable and useful short book (200 pages) on what is entailed in the process of designing and delivering an oil-and-gas (petrochem) processing facility. It was written by an experienced engineering manager of large turnkey projects, Herve Baron. The author started this book as a one-day presentation to students at a French University and ended with the publication of the book.





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