VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 87   DECEMBER 22, 2010


Most state mechanic’s lien statutes include a provision invalidating liens which have been willfully exaggerated. The purpose is to protect project owners against contractor overreaching. Contractors should not be allowed to overstate the amount they are owed in order to gain leverage through a larger security interest in the property.


Does this mean that any front-loading or misrepresentation should invalidate a subsequent lien? A Florida court recently answered this question in the negative. A project owner sought to have a lien dismissed because the contractor had allegedly been submitting progress payment requests which included amounts it had not actually paid to subcontractors. The owner said the subsequent lien was tainted by fraud and had to be removed.


ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA (ICLEI USA) recently released the Star Community Index Sustainability Goals and Guiding Principles for Communities.


The 81 goals and 10 guiding principles collectively define community-scale sustainability and set a national standard for local governments, according to ICLEI USA. "The goals give local governments and communities a much-needed vocabulary to more effectively strategize and focus their sustainability planning efforts. They also serve as the foundation of the Star Community Index, the forthcoming national rating system that will offer cities and counties a roadmap for creating healthy, inclusive, and prosperous communities."


Boulder, Colo.-based Vico Software recently announced a new release of Vico Office Suite, believed to be the first purpose-built construction software that allows users to "plug in" the building information modeling (BIM) authoring application of their choice and then perform a constructability analysis, quantity takeoff, model-based schedule, model-based estimate and on-site production control, all in an integrated workflow.


The Vico Office platform is designed to help general contractors, architects and owners work together to understand a project from clash to quantities to scheduling and estimating.





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