VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 88   DECEMBER 30, 2010


Contractors sometimes schedule their work for completion prior to the contractually stipulated deadline. This is the contractor’s prerogative. The deadline is the last permissible date for completion, not the required exact date. But what if the contractor is delayed by the project owner and is unable to achieve its scheduled completion? Should the contractor be allowed to recover delay damages?


The retro-commissioning tune-up industry, which currently totals about $200 million, could become a $4-billion annual market with an energy-savings potential of roughly $30 billion, PCD Engineering President Peter D'Antonio told attendees of the EcoBuild America conference earlier this month in Washington, D.C. 


D'Antonio estimated that with building tune-ups costing about $0.30 per square foot and benefits totaling an estimated $0.27 per square foot, there is an expected payback period of 


Slightly more than one-third (36 percent) of western European construction professionals are now using BIM, according to a McGraw-Hill Construction report, entitled "The Business Value of BIM in Europe." 
Produced in collaboration with Autodesk, the National Institute of Building Sciences/buildingSMART alliance and 11 industry associations in Europe, the first-ever report compares BIM adoption rates in France, Germany and the United Kingdom with those in North America, where 49 percent of contractors, architects and engineers report BIM usage.





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