VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 89   JANUARY 07, 2011


Constructors and material suppliers are frequently subject to material testing specifications. While many of the specified tests are precise and objective, some are surprisingly loose. Laboratory technicians, both in-house and independent, are allowed a degree of discretion in fashioning the testing procedures. To what extent can longstanding procedures establish trade custom which in turn should be read into a testing specification?


9 cities and counties have been chosen to play a primary role in defining how the STAR Community Index (STAR) sustainability rating system and performance management tool will help local governments improve their sustainability performance. News of the nine STAR "beta communities" comes on the heels of the release of the new Star Community Index Sustainability Goals and Guiding Principles for Communities (Green Building Insider).


I recently heard, "Our project has a great WBS [work breakdown structure]! What could be wrong when the project has taken the time needed to do a comprehensive WBS?" Then, in the next moment, I heard something that I could not believe: "Yes, we have it already loaded into Primavera P6, and there are 50,000 elements at level 5 [the control account level]. We also have had matching cost codes issued from Finance and Accounting to match these WBS control accounts."





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