VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 90   JANUARY 14, 2011


Contract retainage is largely a matter of contract negotiation. There may be statutory or regulatory mandates on some public works contracts, but it is generally a matter to be determined by the parties themselves. Consequently, one sees a wide variety of arrangements. The retainage may be ten percent, or five percent, or some other percentage. The percentage may be reduced at certain milestones in the work. The retainage may be partially released upon substantial completion. It’s all up to the parties.



Sandvika, Norway-based REC in December launched its first building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solution combining the REC Peak Energy Series Module and the Solrif installation system distributed by Ernst Schweitzer AG. "For the moment," the solution only is being offered in France, "but we are exploring other markets," Asmund Fodstad, senior vice president of sales and marketing for REC, told Green Building Insider.

The REC Peak Energy Integrated Solution is designed for building in-roof solar systems that combine the power output of REC solar modules with the Solrif installation system. The solution fits directly into the roof, replacing conventional building material. The product can be used for new roofs or for retrofit purposes.


QA Graphics recently announced the development of a new 3D Equipment Library for the building-controls industry.


The library “offers offers high-end 3D graphics that can be used to develop system graphics that more accurately represent the mechanical equipment in place at a facility,” according to QA Graphics, noting that it can be used within most building-automation-system (BAS) software. “The library provides realistic representations of equipment from product lines including York, Carrier, Trane, McQuay, Liebert, Ingersoll, Baltimore Aircoil Company, Buderus, Cleaver Brooks, Murray, and AAON."





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