VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 97   MARCH 03, 2011


Public project owners have long complained that certain contractors are “overly litigious” or even “claim mongers.” Now they are fighting back. There is a growing trend where public entities investigate a low bidder’s claim history and use that history to disqualify the low bidder as nonresponsible. And the courts are allowing this.

Recently the low bidder on an Ohio school project was viewed with disfavor by the school district. Several years earlier the bidder had pursued a successful claim against the district. The district said the bidder was not responsible, citing a variety of factors. There was little question, however, that the district was motivated by the prior claim experience.

The bidder complained it had recovered 90 percent of the demanded amount; its claim had not been frivolous. And rejection of the low bid would cost the taxpayers an additional $109,000. But to no avail. The school district had discretion to disqualify the low bidder as nonresponsible.

This raises some troubling questions. If a prior claim is grounds for disqualification, isn’t there a danger that vindictiveness and retaliation will trump the fairness and cost savings provided by the competitive bidding system? Also, public construction contracts allocate risk between the parties. In so doing, they confer rights and responsibilities. Won’t this trend have a chilling effect on the ability of contractors to enforce their contractual rights? I welcome your comments.

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The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) has joined forces with Habitat for Humanity International, Rebuilding Together, and CLEARCorps to form EnergyPlusHealth.

In an effort to make healthy and energy-efficient housing more accessible across all income levels, the new coalition intends to equip volunteers with the tools that are deemed necessary to make health and energy-efficient repairs "many low-income homeowners need but can't afford." The pilot program will provide training, tools, and technical materials for the volunteers performing the rehabilitation and repair work.


SMARTBIM and EcoScorecard last month announced the formation of a new company that will provide modeling services, analytics, information management, and environmental data for architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals.

SMARTBIM is a provider of analytics for users of building information modeling (BIM) technology in the AEC industry. Stemming from its roots as part of Reed Construction Data, SMARTBIM offers building products modeling and model distribution for manufacturers as well as a software application suite that combines building product information management and building product quantification and costing capabilities for architects, engineers, owners, and builders.





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