VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 105   APRIL 28, 2011


Shop drawings and other submittals are intended to establish that the contractor’s performance will conform to the design elements of the contract. Those elements are presumed to be objective. And the designer should be objective as well in evaluating conformance to the contract. The submittal of samples or shop drawings should not be viewed as an opportunity to redesign the project or use the trial-and-error method to develop nuances in the design. Yet this is exactly what happened on one recent project.


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) next month intends to release AIA Document D503-2011, Guide for Sustainable Projects, including Agreement Amendments and Supplementary Conditions.

The guide is free and was developed to assist users of AIA contract documents in understanding contractual considerations unique to sustainable design and construction projects. The guide also provides model language that can be used to amend or supplement key AIA contract documents in the A201 family for use in these types of projects. Developed by AIA’s Contract Documents Committee with input from industry stakeholders, the guide is expected to provide AIA contract document users with a valuable tool for creating versions of AIA standard contract documents for sustainable projects.


A Cincinnati-based company earlier this week released ComputerEase Cloud, a web-based construction management software solution. The offering permits access to ComputerEase from any computer with an Internet connection and from mobile devices such as tablet PCs and the Apple iPad. In cloud computing, applications are hosted at a secure data center and accessed by an end user via a web browser.





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