VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 119   AUGUST 04, 2011


Contractors preparing to bid on contracts are frequently forced to rely on the site condition information provided by project owners. There is neither time nor money for an independent evaluation of conditions that cannot be readily observed during a pre-bid site inspection. Bidders are entitled to reasonably rely on affirmative representations in the contract documents. But when is a representation sufficiently affirmative and when is reliance reasonable?


Green Building Insider has profiled 11 bills undergoing congressional consideration that address green structures in some way. Among the topics the legislation covers are energy-efficiency standards for light bulbs, green building rating systems, the energy efficiency of hospitals, and greener schools. Here is a breakdown of each proposal:


There are many lessons that owners, designers, and contractors can learn from a construction project incorporating building information modeling (BIM) and lean processes for the Sutter Medical Center in Castro Valley, Calif., consultant Paul Teicholz told attendees of a webinar that WPL Publishing held July 20.





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