VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 124   SEPTEMBER 09, 2011


With today’s emphasis on the wise expenditure of taxpayer dollars, public entities are becoming more aggressive regarding contractor accountability. Media reports of malingering, claim mongering contractors and million dollar change orders put pressure on public officials. One response has been performance evaluations which are stored in a database and used in future procurement decisions.


Green Building Insider has compiled a list of several state green-building bills that recently were passed into law or are awaiting gubernatorial endorsement. Here are summaries of those measures:


When scheduling for a construction project in a foreign land, it is important to understand the area’s climate, local culture, and other circumstances that may contribute to the project’s success, construction expert and scheduling author Saleh Mubarak told professionals attending a webinar that WPL Publishing hosted last month. Among other things, Mubarak urged those involved in such projects to gain a thorough understanding of the area’s climatic patterns. “You have to know the weather, and not only the weather but also the seasons. [Is there a] monsoon season, a rainy season, a hot season, and so on?”





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