VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 135   NOVEMBER 23, 2011


No-damage-for-delay clauses can produce harsh results. Under the plain language of these contract provisions, the contractor waives the right to recover any damages of any kind incurred as a result of any delay or disruption of any nature, regardless of cause or fault. The contractor’s only remedy is an extension of the performance period.


There are several risks to look out for when entering into a green building project, building forensics expert George DuBose warned attendees of a webinar that WPL Publishing held last week. During the 90-minute interactive event, “What Happens When Green Becomes Code: Do Buildings Get Better or Do Lawyers Get Richer?,” he advised a target audience of public and private owners, design professionals, engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and construction law attorneys to beware of the following four risks associated with green building projects: 


Thirty-four people have earned what is believed to be first assessment-based credential to recognize construction professionals for their ability to use building information modeling technology. The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) offers the accreditation, called the Certificate of Management-Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM).





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