VOLUME Construction Advisor Today   ISSUE 157   MAY 03, 2012


By Bruce Jervis


The practice of “bid shopping” is the bane of trade contractor existence. This occurs when a bidder on a prime contract obtains a price quotation from a trade contractor and uses that price in calculating its bid. Upon award of the prime contract, the contractor then “shops” the trade contractor’s price around, disclosing it to competitors and inviting them to beat it. ... Read more.


By Steve Rizer


Tax incentives, density/floor area ratio bonuses, and expedited permitting are the most attractive incentives for spurring green construction in the private sector, according to a report that the National Association of Counties (NACo) and American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently released. The report, entitled “Local Leaders in Sustainability: Green Building Incentive Trends,” is intended to serve as a guidebook to assist local government leaders in developing incentive programs and increase the number of green buildings in their communities. Overall, NACo and AIA believe that green building incentive programs thus far have achieved “varying levels of success.” ... Read more.


By Steve Rizer


The Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) membership has adopted a new version of the OGC City Geography Markup Language (CityGML) Encoding Standard. CityGML is a community-defined information model and XML-based encoding for the representation, storage, and exchange of virtual 3D city and landscape models. CityGML is designed to provide a standard model and mechanism for describing 3D objects regarding their geometry, topology, semantics, and appearance and defines five different levels of detail. CityGML is considered highly scalable, and datasets can include different urban entities supporting the general trend toward modeling individual buildings, whole sites, districts, cities, regions, and countries. ... Read more.





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