VOLUME 2   ISSUE 14   APRIL 05, 2013


By Bruce Jervis


Construction contracts frequently contain detailed procedures for processing change orders. The contract addresses notification, request for modification, pricing, proposal, review, approval and execution. The problem is that the parties seem to seldom follow the procedures.


During the controlled chaos of an ongoing construction project, the emphasis is on expediting the work. The tendency is to defer documentation. The change order procedure, which appeared so orderly and logical on paper, falls by the wayside. There are consequences, however, to ignoring the change order procedure. ... Read more.


Featured in this Week’s Construction Claims Advisor:

  • Modification of Change Order Process Did Not Take Extra Work outside Contract
  • Contractor Has to Pay Again to Sub’s Secured Creditor
  • No Government Misrepresentation Regarding Unresolved Claim


By Steve Rizer


Can termination of a construction project for convenience be converted to a termination for default? This is one of several questions that Sherman & Howard LLC attorney Stephen Hess fielded during the “Q&A” portion of a webinar that WPL Publishing held last week. During the webinar, entitled “Termination of a Troubled Construction Project,” he addressed a target audience of contractors, subcontractors, consultants, construction managers, architects, engineers, public and private owners, and construction law attorneys. Click here to read the full answer that he gave to this question.


The American Bar Association (ABA) Forum on the Construction Industry will hold its annual meeting, entitled "Surfing the Next Wave: The Future of Construction Law and Practice," April 25-27 in Dana Point, Calif. The event will focus on technological advances for construction projects; the future of government regulation for preference programs and workforce issues; the future of construction insurance, bonding, and construction law practice; and the globalization of construction alternative dispute resolution. ConstructionProNet is proud to be a sponsor of the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry 2013 Annual Meeting. For additional information about the meeting, click here.


By Steve Rizer


A final version of a calculator that is designed to assist roofing professionals in measuring the energy and environmental benefits of modern roof system technologies should be available by year’s end, Jim Hoff, the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing’s vice president of research, told ConstructionPro Week. The RoofPoint Energy and Carbon Calculator is expected to offer the roofing industry an opportunity to deliver tangible data on the value of roof systems to building owners who are concerned with the environmental impacts of their building portfolios. ... Read more.





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