VOLUME 2   ISSUE 25   JUNE 21, 2013


By Bruce Jervis


The role of design professionals has evolved considerably in recent decades. This is particularly true during the construction phase of the project. In a recent Arkansas case, a licensed professional engineer was sanctioned for acting as a general contractor without possessing the necessary state contractor license.


The state contractor licensing statute expressly exempts activities “customarily furnished by architects and engineers.” In this case, the project owner had turned over complete control to the engineer, including selection of trade contractors, negotiation of prices and approval of payment disbursements. ... Read more.


Featured in this Week’s Construction Claims Advisor:

  • Engineer Sanctioned for Being Unlicensed Contractor
  • Limitation of Liability Clause Shielded Architect
  • Subs Allowed to Collect from Owner that Failed to Require Payment Bond


By Steve Rizer


During a recent WPL Publishing webinar entitled “Design-Build Contracts: Understand the Administrative Challenges, Risks, and Keys to Success,” Trauner Consulting Services Inc. Director Richard Burnham stressed to attendees that there are several "do’s and don’ts" to keep in mind when conducting a design review for a design-build project. What are these do’s and don’ts? Click here to read a portion of what he told a target audience of owners, contractors, engineers, and their attorneys on this topic. 


By Steve Rizer


A new report from FMI Corp. offers a slew of advice for construction companies that are thinking about launching or improving an incentive compensation program. The firm -- which provides management consulting, investment banking, and research to the engineering and construction community -- offered the recommendations following a survey it conducted indicating that there is “an enormous opportunity to improve the effectiveness” of such programs across the industry in the United States. Click here to see some of the suggestions, read how an FMI official responded to ConstructionPro Week’s question about which piece of advice is most important, and access the report. 






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