VOLUME 2   ISSUE 26   JUNE 28, 2013


By Bruce Jervis


The elements of “constructive acceleration” of the work are easy to state. The contractor is entitled to an extension of the performance period. The project owner refuses to grant an extension and insists on compliance with the completion deadline. The contractor incurs increased costs adding resources to the job in an attempt to meet that deadline.


Contractor recovery of acceleration costs begins with entitlement to an extension of time. The terms of the contract will be determinative. This was reflected in a recent New York case. ... Read more.


Featured in this Week’s Construction Claims Advisor:

  • Insistence on Schedule Compliance Did Not Accelerate Work
  • Low Bidder Did Not Violate Anti-Bid Shopping Law
  • Specifications Not Rendered Ambiguous by Drawing Note


By Steve Rizer


A significant number of contractors, subcontractors, engineers, manufacturers of construction materials, and others would be affected by legislation now undergoing congressional consideration. Of particular importance is an amendment to National Defense Authorization legislation (H.R. 1960) the House approved earlier this month that would allow prime contractors to count small business subcontracting at all tiers to meet federal small-firm participation goals, a proposal supported by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). For additional coverage of H.R. 1960 and ConstructionPro Week’s profiles of other major bills potentially impacting the U.S. construction community -- including a new bill (H.R. 1942) addressing "bid shopping" -- click here.


By Steve Rizer


What are the disadvantages of a new database that is expected to promote more energy efficiency in buildings and benefit contractors, building owners and managers, and others in the process? In an interview with ConstructionPro Week (CPW), National Institute of Building Sciences Director of the Consultative Council/Presidential Advisor Ryan Colker expressed some concerns about the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) new Buildings Performance Database (BPD). What are these concerns? Click here to find out


By Steve Rizer


June 2013 Download Library Addition
As new webinar recordings are made available to the ConstructionPro Network free member Download Library on a monthly basis, ConstructionPro Week will provide a brief summary of each event for the benefit of its readership. Here is the summary for the June 2013 addition:


“Doing sustainable design and doing it out of BIM [building information modeling] is an evolutionary process and not a revolutionary one,” Eddy Krygiel, an architect with HNTB Architects, emphasized during “Improved Green Building Design & Construction through BIM,” a WPL Publishing webinar for which a recording recently was added to the ConstructionPro Network (ConstructionProNet.com) Download Library -- free of charge for members. This was the third webinar in a four-part series entitled “Green Building Best Practices.”


“You won’t step into sustainable design -- or into BIM -- and all of a sudden know how to do everything on the first project,” Krygiel told webinar attendees. “I’ve never had a project that’s ever capitalized on every feature available out there in [BIM] or in sustainability. It’s a process of continual improvement and of replication and of innovation.” ... Read more.





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