VOLUME 2   ISSUE 42   OCTOBER 18, 2013


By Paul Levin


Last month, WPL Publishing launched a survey to better gauge the extent to which computer-generated schedules are being used in construction projects and the types of software being used to create the schedules. We especially wanted to find out who is using Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling, how and why they are using it, and whether users' needs are being met by the current state-of-the-art CPM software. With more than 400 responses, we believe we have gathered a representative sampling of the construction industry to meet the objectives of this survey. The complete research report will be available in the ConstructionProNet.com bookstore later this month and be accessible to ConstructionPro Network members free of charge. Click here to read some of the key results.


By Steve Rizer


“It’s incredibly important that you follow whatever the procedure is,” as specified in the contract documents, for requesting a change order in a construction project, Robert “Mike” Cathcart, a partner in the Los Angeles office of Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP, advised professionals attending a webinar that WPL Publishing held last week. This means meeting the time requirements for submitting a request, he noted during the “Change Order Resolution” segment of the 90-minute program, entitled “Change Orders: The Bane of All Construction Projects.” What are some of the other key components of change order resolution? Click here to find out.


By Steve Rizer


One of the stated goals of the “Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines” that the new National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)-U.S. Department of Energy partnership will develop is to lower costs, but how much money can be saved through this endeavor, either on a per-building basis or overall within the commercial sector? Click here to read how NIBS Program Director Deke Smith responded to this question in an interview with ConstructionPro Week.





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