VOLUME 3   ISSUE 1   JANUARY 03, 2014


By Bruce Jervis


A primary purpose of a limited liability company, much like a corporation, is to shield company owners from personal liability for business losses. When the company enters into a contract, the company’s assets are at risk. But the company owners -- called “members” -- are not putting their personal assets at risk.


In order for an LLC to be effective, the members must be painstakingly careful to always make it clear they are acting on behalf of the LLC and not personally. This is true not only when signing a contract, but with all correspondence and communication. It is also crucial to avoid comingling of company and personal funds or other assets. If these practices are followed, an individual member of an LLC should not be at personal risk. ... Read more.


Featured in this Week’s Construction Claims Advisor:

  • Sole Member of LLC Not Personally Responsible for Defective Work
  • Unused Equipment Was Not 'New'
  • Low Bid Spoiled by Faulty Subcontractor Listing


By Steve Rizer


Have certain federal agencies been trying to secure some engineering-related assistance through an off-limits procurement process? The Council on Federal Procurement of Architectural and Engineering Services (COFPAES) believes so, last month telling a House panel that it is “deeply concerned that reverse auctions have been attempted by federal agencies. We know of at least three instances in which such a process, which we believe to be in violation of the Brooks Act, was attempted.” Click here to read about the three instances at issue and about some of the proposed changes in construction law that Congress may ask President Obama to approve this year.


By Steve Rizer


ConstructionPro Week (CPW) has profiled 33 books, reports, and other publications relating to green buildings that a wide variety of organizations made available sometime after CPW’s last update on this front in June (CPW, June 7, 2013, “ConstructionPro Week Profiles 22 New Green Building Publications”). To see some of what the federal government, U.S. Green Building Council, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, and other entities published during the second half of last year, click here.






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