VOLUME 3   ISSUE 34   AUGUST 22, 2014


By Bruce Jervis


It is understandable that local government entities would like their public works projects to generate jobs for local residents. The projects are frequently funded, at least in part, by local taxpayers. An out-of-town contractor with out-of-town employees is a galling sight. The public procurement laws, however, with their emphasis on open competition, generally prevent hometown favoritism.


Some communities are trying a new tactic. They create an apprentice training program, or participate in an existing program, to train local workers in construction trades. They then stipulate than any bidder on a public works contract must employ a certain number of recent graduates from that program. ... Read more.


Featured in this Week’s Construction Claims Advisor:

  • Apprenticeship Bid Requirement Struck Down
  • Cessation of Work Triggered Payment Bond Claim Period


By Steve Rizer


In the last couple of years, a clear trend has emerged regarding states’ efforts to create new laws addressing construction projects. It is a trend that an Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) spokesperson brought up several times during a recent interview about recent construction lawmaking at the state level, and it is a trend that ConstructionPro Week (CPW) noticed when compiling a list of 62 new construction laws that states have adopted so far this year. What is this trend, and will it continue? Click here to find out.


By Steve Rizer


During WPL Publishing’s recent “Pricing, Preparation, Support and Analysis of Lost Productivity Claims” webinar, presenter R. Brent McSwain of Sage Consulting Group reported that “some of the biggest problems we see from contractors is [that] when they price change orders, they’re pricing change orders based on productivity rates that they carried in their estimates.” ... Read more.


Tell us how you think drones can be used on your project ... besides dousing millenials or putting out fires. Click here.





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