VOLUME 3   ISSUE 35   AUGUST 29, 2014


By Bruce Jervis


Authorities evaluating technical proposals on public construction procurements are tired of lengthy documents. Bulk does not necessarily equate with quality – or persuasiveness. Tight, concise proposals are the ideal.


Public project owners are attempting to enforce this ideal by imposing maximum lengths on technical proposals. But, a recent Alaska Supreme Court case illustrates the pitfalls of such restrictions. ... Read more.


Featured in this Week’s Construction Claims Advisor:

  • Alaska High Court Rules on Lengthy Proposal
  • Contractor Recovers Attorney Fees When Lien Claim Arbitrated


By Steve Rizer


ConstructionPro Week has compiled for ConstructionPro Network members a list of 62 construction laws that 37 states have adopted so far this year with links provided to the enrolled documents. Members can access the table by clicking here. To sign up for a membership, click here.


By Steve Rizer


For construction projects using a consolidated insurance program -- otherwise known as a “wrap” -- make sure there is adequate contract language in place to deal with such an arrangement, Sherman & Howard’s Christopher Mosley advised professionals attending a recent WPL Publishing webinar. “It is important to address wraps in your construction contracts,” he said, noting that standard form contracts are of insufficient help on this front. ... Read more.


By Steve Rizer


August 2014 Download Library Addition
As new webinar recordings are made available to the ConstructionPro Network free member Download Library on a monthly basis, ConstructionPro Week will provide a brief summary of each event for the benefit of its readership. Here is the summary for the August 2014 addition:


When embarking upon a construction project using lean techniques, special emphasis needs to be given to the following credo: “Do not start what you cannot finish.” This is one of the key points that Roberto Arbulu, leader of the Strategic Project Solutions Inc.’s Technical Services Team, told professionals attending WPL Publishing’s “Using Lean Techniques for Measurable Productivity Gains” webinar, a recording of which recently was added to the ConstructionPro Network (ConstructionProNet.com) Download Library free of charge for members. “We see on every single project that we participate in the desire to start work without having everything required to finish it,” Arbulu reported. “It happens day in and day out.” As a result, lean objectives go unfulfilled. To avoid such a situation, there needs to be a “clear understanding” of four key ideas, he said. To see what these ideas are, click here.


By Paul Levin


ConstructionPro Week made a trip to the 3rd Annual Summer Construction Conference in Raleigh, N.C., Aug. 6, to listen in on the panel discussion on drones. The conference, graciously produced by Safran Law Offices and BB&T Construction Risk Services, provided a number of new perspectives on the expected upcoming use of drones in construction. ... Read more.





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