VOLUME 4   ISSUE 5   FEBRUARY 06, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


It is understandable, and laudable, that public entities at all levels of government are experimenting with alternative methods of procuring construction services. Some of the methods may offer greater value and speed than the traditional design, bid and construct technique. Frequently, however, these methods clash with longstanding public procurement practices and procedures.


The new VA medical center in suburban Denver is a glaring example. The Department of Veterans Affairs used, for the first time, an “integrated design and construct” contract, which is similar to a “construction manager at risk” contract in the private sector. Internal agency communication warned this was risky because it ran counter to VA procurement culture ... Read more.




More than 200 responses were received from last month's estimating survey, which closed on February 3.  The goal of the survey was three fold:

  1. Learn about the use of spreadsheet software and estimating application
  2. Become familiar with best practices in estimating, and
  3. Understand the role of risk management practices in pricing projects.

In this first article, we summarize the results of our survey. 



Last week’s White House crash episode was the latest event to cast a bad light on drones, but this editor is very bullish on their use in construction. No further editorial here, but let’s look at four media reports on drones in construction from the past week.

Contractor Puts Drone to Work on Latest Residential Development ProjectsPortand Business Journal (www.bizjournals.com/portland). This article and short video follows a local contractor... Read more.





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