VOLUME 4   ISSUE 8   FEBRUARY 27, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Payment bonds guarantee the payment obligations of a construction contract. An unpaid subcontractor must prove entitlement to payment under the subcontract as a prerequisite to recovery against a payment bond, or so it is usually stated. A recent Oregon case, however, calls this maxim into question.   ... Read more.



WPL Publishing Co. first covered 3D printing in 2008 about a service that transformed satellite images into physical models printed on a Z Corporation 3D printer. In January 2010, John Jurewicz reviewed five then-available printers creating scale models of buildings in plaster or plastic. “The reasons for using these devices center around verification of design and are moving into construction coordination as they become more affordable,” says Jurewicz. “They evaluate constructability options, eliminate costly mistakes, trigger unexpected ideas, drive quality, and improve collaboration among engineering and the construction team,” he added.


For construction, 3D printers hold much more promise than printing scale models. Over the past few years, 3D printers have made significant advances, being able to create objects in a range of... Read more.


A 2012 study by Paul Teicholz of Stanford University found that U.S. construction productivity has continued to decline over the past 20 years, despite various advancements in methods, technology and delivery methods. Teicholz listed the various reasons, which have been well documented over the years, as primarily many small firms doing small pieces of the project, fragmentation of the construction team, inefficient use of data and documents, and the competitive nature of procurement systems. Teicholz goes on to describe potential sources of positive change, including building information modeling (BIM)... Read more.





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