VOLUME 4   ISSUE 11   MARCH 20, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Bid protests are an inherent part of the competitive bidding process. A disappointed, second-low bidder seeks to displace the low bidder by challenging the sufficiency or responsiveness of its bid. This is generally a matter between each of the bidders and the public project owner. On rare occasions, however, bidders actually sue each other.   ... Read more.




The Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) Division 01 – General Requirements, Section 01 32 01.00 10, Project Schedule, was updated last month with a number of interesting changes and new sections. The following notes are not inclusive of all changes, but point out no less than 30 significant differences from the previous version (August 2008 with Change 1 – 08/13). There are many other minor revisions including reformatting and cosmetic changes. Links to the two versions are provided at the end of this article. These provisions represent a major shift for those doing work on large Federal construction projects and are clearly intended to improve schedule quality as well as reduce or eliminate schedule "gamesmanship." 


One added clause references the use of the AACE Forensic Schedule Analysis (FSA) Recommended Practice, which is expected to be controversial because the FSA is a document that is more about defining analysis methodologies than it is a single, step-by-step analysis method.  Also noteworthy is the Government’s use of Primavera P6 as the “default software,” complete with a listing of specific software settings and controls to be used, but providing that other software compliant with the specification may be used.   Read more...





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