VOLUME 4   ISSUE 14   APRIL 10, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Construction contracts universally state that specified equipment and materials must be new. Used or refurbished goods are contrary to the concept of constructing a new facility or renovating an existing one. In federal construction contracts, the mandate is found in the “Materials and Workmanship” clause. Virtually all contracts – public and private – include the same requirement. Read more.




Knowing the Numbers

Last issue covered many aspects of appropriate and necessary project controls and how they relate to the overall profitability of the contractor. This issue introduces various approaches to job cost control.


Controlling cost in construction is a constant battle and the approaches are as varied as the contractors. In the early 70s, a well-known successful heavy/highway contractor had very detailed costs on every job, and compared costs to budgets in great detail – in spite of the fact that it was done with an NCR mechanical posting machine! One of the contractor’s major competitors, equally successfully, got the jobs done with no detailed cost reports and no project budgets. The “old man” just knew. He could walk the job and figure out what it should cost and he could watch the machines at work and he just knew whether he was making money.  Read more...





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