VOLUME 4   ISSUE 16   APRIL 21, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


The doctrine of “substantial performance,” also known as “substantial completion,” is deeply seated in the common law. It holds that one should not be completely deprived of payment under a contract simply because the contract performance was less than perfect. The doctrine pertains to many types of contracts, but it is most frequently applied to construction contracts.  Read more.





In the April 10 issue, we discussed various approaches to job cost control for trade contractors. In this week’s issue, the focus is shifted to heavy/highway contractors to discuss the various successful and not-so-successful methods that have been used over the years. Heavy/highway contractors frequently depend on pay items to judge their project progress. However, that may only cover part of the picture. To be complete and effective, a construction job should be subdivided into paid and non-paid items—or direct and indirect costs, as they are sometimes labeled. Read more...





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