VOLUME 4   ISSUE 19   MAY 15, 2015


By Bruce Jervis

Companies that supply goods and materials for public works projects can face payment challenges. If their customer fails to pay, their only recourse is against a public works payment bond. But first there are questions as to whether the goods were merely intended for the bonded project, were delivered to the job site, or were actually incorporated into the project. Then there is the sometimes greater challenge of identifying the applicable payment bond and filing a timely claim against it.  Read more.




Since the February 18th announcement of its draft proposed rules for drone use (see ConstructionPro Week Volume 4 - Issue 7) , the FAA has received over 4,500 comments, mostly in support of the rules. Although the official 60-day period for comments closed on April 24, the FAA announced it will continue to consider comments as time and resources allow. Posted just yesterday, for example, construction services firm Skanska USA Building Inc. expressed support for the new micro UAS classification... Read more:





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