VOLUME 4   ISSUE 21   MAY 29, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


It is common for construction contracts to require a detailed, as-planned construction schedule for a project. This schedule is typically required within a stipulated number of days after contract award and is subject to owner approval. But some public contract solicitations are now requiring detailed construction schedules before contract award, submitted with a bid or proposal. The proposed schedule is treated as a technical evaluation factor or a requirement for bid responsiveness.  Read more.





In a webinar on lost productivity in construction conducted this week by Dr. William Ibbs, University of California professor and founder of the Ibbs Consulting Group, reference was made to a recent report on changes in construction and effect on productivity.  The report, Change and the Loss of Productivity in Construction: A Field Guide, authored by Dr. Ibbs and Caroline Vaughn, is itself primarily based on a 2007 dissertation by Dr. Seulkee Lee.  Dr. Lee's dissertation -- Understanding and Quantifying the Impact of Changes on Construction Lab Productivity: Integration of Productivity Factors and Quantification Methods -- took a detailed look at numerous methods for quantifying productivity losses.  Read more...





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