VOLUME 4   ISSUE 27   JULY 17, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Most project owners respect the contractual chain of command. Direct dealings are limited to the prime contractor(s) with whom they have a contractual relationship. Direct dealings with a subcontractor can hinder the owner’s ability to hold the prime responsible for the sub’s work or create an owner payment obligation to the sub. Read more.


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The American Arbitration Association's (AAA) newly updated Construction Industry Arbitration Rules went into effect July 1, 2015. The updated rules include more than a dozen changed or new provisions intended to produce a more streamlined, cost-effective and tightly managed process.  Read more.


Drones use by contractors is growing, and as reported last month, more than two-dozen construction industry firms have received FAA-issued exemptions allowing legal use of drones under specified conditions (including requirements for a pilot license).


ConstructionPro Week is conducting its 2nd annual survey on drone use in the construction industry. We want to find out what experiences you may have had or if you're contemplating drone use in the future.  How would you use them?  Would you fly them yourself or hire a service firm?  Do you have any cost or safety concerns? Have you discerned any best practices in using drones?  Take the short ConstructionPro Week survey and tell us what you've learned or what you would like to know!  Please click here to take the survey.  Respondents will be sent the survey results and receive future coverage of our drone use research. Also, please forward this email to others in your company for their input as well.  Thank you.


Does the recent Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage affect you as construction contractors? In short, yes. Construction attorney Matt DeVries explains what construction contractors, or any employer for that matter, needs to be aware of in the way of benefits and harassment issues resulting from the decision -- click here for Matt's article.





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