VOLUME 4   ISSUE 28   JULY 24, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Individuals who use their skill and efforts to enhance the value of real property receive special protections under numerous state statutes – and appropriately so. Laborers, living paycheck to paycheck, are granted priority claims to the contract proceeds. Mechanic’s liens, while primarily utilized today by corporate constructors, were originally designed to provide payment security to individual tradesmen.  Read more.


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Government construction contracting represents close to 45% of all U.S. non-residential construction spending, according to a recent review of Bureau of Commerce statistics. To learn more about our reader’s experiences and challenges on government contracts, ConstructionPro Network launched a survey this past May to find out how smoothly government contracts are run and to see what trends or patterns might emerge that may be worth further study. This article presents an overview of the survey results. Read more.





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